At Restech, we believe there is a better way to manage reflux. It all started in a meeting with world renowned gastroenterologists who told our engineers a little secret: the market needed a pH sensor that works outside of the esophagus. Our team accepted the challenge and launched the first real-time sensor that could function accurately in a non-liquid environment. Since then, we’ve obsessed over reflux, ensuring we understand the ins and outs of the disease state and industry. Although it is highly complex, we are passionate about bringing simple, effective reflux solutions to patients and clinicians around the world. Our rapid growth reflects our dedication and passion–developing and seeking out new products across the reflux diagnostic and therapeutic continuum.

As we continue to express our passion to Rethink Reflux, we are immensely fortunate to partner with RD Biomed to bring the world-class Peptest to the U.S.  Rebranded as PepsinCheck, and packaged in an easy to use 3 vial format, we are confident that it provides top-tier diagnostics to a broad spectrum of reflux patients. In the words of Professor Peter Dettmar, Director of RD Biomed, “We’re thrilled that our salivary pepsin test for diagnosing reflux has officially launched in the US. It has been a pleasure working with Restech, a successful digestive health solutions company, and could not have chosen a better company to distribute and commercialise PepsinCheck by Peptest.”

“It is estimated that reflux disease affects more than 60 million people in the United States every month, from babies up to the older generation. With PepsinCheck by Peptest, all patients need to provide is a saliva/sputum sample that can be analysed for levels of the stomach enzyme pepsin - so it’s pain-free, low-cost and easy to administer.”

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